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Women's Health Outreach Guide: Mobile device tools

The Women’s Health LibGuide aims to provide information resources that offer support and a collaborative forum to learn more about women’s health issues from expert sources.

Handheld Science


Apple AppStore

Some Handy (and free!)
Apps for Science

  • GeneticCode - Visualizes codon table plus info on ~20 amino acids
  • PubMed on Tap (Lite Edition) - Search PubMed from your iPhone or iPod Touch

And one that's not free ($2.99) but pretty cool - iMicroscope - turns your iPhone into a microscope!


F1000 PostersFaculty of 1000 has a great digital repository of open access posters in the fields of biology and medicine. Browse for information, research, design ideas or deposit your own conference posters for others to see.

(Remember, you can also deposit conference posters in eScholarship@UMMS. In fact, we'd love to have them in our collection.)

iPad Apps

Got a new iPad? Looking for some good apps?

While there aren't yet as many apps for the iPad as the iPhone and iPod Touch, some good ones for the sciences are starting to emerge. SciBlogs recently published a post detailing their top picks. PLoS also has a free app that allows you to browse, search and archive all issues of PLoS journals. The Library recently purchased an iPad and some of our personal favorites are:

  • Papers for searching, storing and managing your research literature.
  • Instapaper to save websites on your iPad so that you can read them later, offline.
  • Pulse as an RSS aggregator.
  • Wolfram/Alpha search tool
  • Keynote presentation software for Macs

More apps are being released daily. If you come across a useful one you'd like to share with your peers, post a comment here.

Here's an interesting review of the iPad's usefulness for academics.

Is there an App for that?

I've received some positive feedback from a few users regarding the links to the various iPod apps for science listed to the left. I came across a few interesting stories and/or blog postings about the use of the iPhone, iPod Touch and droid-based hand-helds today and thought I'd share them here:

    Please let us know if you find these interesting and/or helpful.

    Women's Health Apps

    52 Weeks for Women's Health has 52 alphabetical health topics, one for each week of the year. The free app offers daily practical strategies to promote healthy lifestyles.

    Embryo micrographs of early-stage embryo development, 2D and 3D digital images using visual stack dissections, and a pregnancy calculator. 

    LactMed is a free online app containing more than 450 referenced drug NLM TOXNET database monographs related to lactation.  

    MicroMedex app offers free access to drug information, drug interactions, dosing tools, toxicology information, and patient handouts, and acute care and reproductive risk databases.  

    Journal Watch Women’s Health developed with the Massachusetts Medical Society, the $60 app includes access to more than 30 general and specialty medical journals in the field of women’s health with new summaries delivered weekly. 

    MyPause is a $4.99 app that tracks menopause symptoms, provides education resources, helps develop a treatment plan, and measures progress.

    iTriage is reviewed by Harvard Medical School, the free app provides symptom and medication information to help manage conditions.  

    NLM Mobile Apps offers a suite of free clinical apps to assist clinicians with emergency medicine, toxicology, health hotlines, drug information, among other features.  

    Listen In

    Nature Podcast

    Each week Nature publishes a free audio show featuring highlighted content from the week's edition of Nature. Listen in for interviews with the people behind the science, and in-depth commentary and analysis from journalists covering science around the world.


    NIH Research Radio Podcast