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Medical Student Resources and House Pages: Burncoat

Resources for UMMS medical students, plus pages specific to Houses and maintained by the respective House Librarians.

Bring Your Lunch

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The library has no food restriction policies EXCEPT for by any of the computers.  THis means you can feel free to bring your lunch, dinner or drinks (spill-proof cups if possible) with you when you come to study.

Burncoat Owl

Capstone Support


So by now, you know that there is a required Capstone project due in the 4th year of your program.  While your House Mentor and Capstone Advisor and two very important pieces of a successful Capstone, make it a triad by including your House Librarian.  If you bring me into your Capstone at the start, not only can I help you efficiently conduct research towards your project, I can also keep an eye out for things that might help and can push them to you as they come across my radar.  I look forward to helping and learning more!

Burncoat Street - How Did It Get Its Name?

Each of the five houses is named for a section or person unique to Worcester - Kelley (for Abby Kelley Foster), Tatnuck on the west side near the airport, Blackstone - the river that begins in Worcester and flows to Narragansett Bay in Providence and Quinsigamond, the lake right outside of our door and also a neighborhood in south Worcester.  Tatnuck and Quinsigamond are names passed down from the Native American's that lived in this area prior to European settlement.  Blacsktone (originally Blaxton) and Kelley are both names.  But what about Burncoat?  The name "Burncoat" is actually a mystery.  Here is a selection from an article written about the name "Burncoat Street", from one of a series of articles called "Your Worcester Street", written by columnist Ivan Sandrof in the Worcester Telegram in the 1940's:

There are more legends about how Burncoat Street took its name than there are about any other street in Worcester.  The street was named in 1851 for Burncoat Plain, the plateau at the top of Lincoln Street which reaches north from Brittian Square. The plain is historically important.  One of the early settlements an early settler was located there, commemorated by a marker on Lincoln Street.

Burncoat Plain appears in many old records in the Antiquarian Society as Burnt Coat Plain.  One legend had it that an early settler burned his coat while burning rubbish, and so named the site.  Another legend is that Indians scalped and early settler and burned his coat to show his contempt for the white man.

There is also a Burncoat Street in Leicester, Burncoat Pond in Spencer, a Burncoat Road in Kinston, NC and a Burncoat Way in Pittsford, NY - but that's it.

Sandrof I.  Your Worcester Street.  Copyright 1948, Franklin Press

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