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Find ACOG Guidelines in Full Text

ACOG Guidelines, officially called "Practice Bulletins"  - they can be very useful in Family Medicine pre and post natal practice but can be difficult to locate.  At U Mass, this is because we do NOT purchase content directly from ACOG but through another provider.  So finding a guideline title directly on the ACOG site or via Google is easy but getting the full text is not.  Below are step-by-step instructions to use to easily find the guideline AND the full text.

1. Visit the ACOG Practice Bulletin page.

2. Browse or search for a guideline.  When found, record the bulletin number (e.g., 148 for 148 Thyroid disease in pregnancy)

3. In the PubMed search box below, copy and paste the following search: "Obstet Gynecol"[Journal]

4. On the PubMed results page, add the bulletin number to the search followed by ti (the title tag) in square brackets (e.g., "Obstet Gynecol"[Journal] AND 148[ti])

5. The PubMed record for this bulliten should open.  Click the UMMS "Click for Full Text" button and the full text of the bulletin will appear.

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