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Family Medicine Resources: Worcester Family Medicine Residency

Worcester Family Medicine Residency


UMMS Family Medicine Residency Intranet

This site is password protected.  Contact Michael Smith or Leah Honor for password.

COMPLETE Chart Rounds Guidelines




          Begin each presentation with the "culture of context" (sho is the person), not "a 38 y/o black woman" but a 38 y/o woman from Jamaica whose PCP is Dr. Jones and who is a baker and lives with her 3 children whom she raises on her own.


          Incorporate visiting experts (librarian, pharmacist, etc.) directly into the discussion.  Use their expertise to set up permanent resources (e.g., web-based favorites).


          Spend time addressing behavioral issues for every case presentation.


          Spend time addressing population and community health (prevalence in our community; community resources).


          Who else could this patient benefit from seeing (specialists, home care, complementary medicine, etc.)?


          Have you set clear goals with this patient?


          Start on time; End on time - Respect everyone's time.


          When will this patient be seen again; what long term issues and health maintenance issues need to be addressed...and with the "Culture on Continuity of Learning" - have a learner summarize key educational lessons of that chart rounds.

NEJM Resident 360

AAFP Resident's Page

Medical Apps


    Other Apps/Platforms  *=Residency Favorite

  • @Hand ($) – Series of discipline-specific point-of-care treatment strategies. The site is also a clearinghouse for other commercially available e-books and e-resources for a handheld device.
  • 5 Minute Clinical Consult ($) – Via Skyscape - includes a signs and symptoms guide. Also available with an expanded Epocrates subscription. Also on Skyscape are other titles in the 5 Minute series (e.g., Infectious Disease, Sports Medicine, Toxicology)
  • ABG - iPhone/iTouch app to calculate analyze arterial bloos gases and to calculate recommended FIO2. *
  • A2Z Drug Facts ($) – Comprehensive pharmaceutical reference from Facts & Comparisons - available via Skyscape.
  • Archimedes Medical Calculator – 150 different calculators in one package, available for all platforms free from Skyscape.
  • Bili Tool – For iPhone/iTouch platforms only. Calculates risk for hyperbilirubinemia or "jaundice" in newborns.
  • Clinical Medicine Series ($) – Over 30 titles on different disciplines of medicine. Contains information on basic procedures.
  • Diagnosaurus – A comprehensive differential diagnosis tool. *
  • DynaMed – UMMS/UMMHC users only. Evidence-Based synthesis tool. See "PDA Support" link. Handheld app available at no cost via Skyscape for internal users with UMMS/UMMHC institutional e-mail.
  • Epocrates ($) – Subscription-based comprehensive drug, diagnostic and symptom tool or download the drug database at no cost. *
  • Eponyms – Free database of medical eponyms. *
  • Essential Evidence Plus ($)
  • Eye Chart - iPhone/iTouch app for vision examinations. *
  • Fingertip Formulary – Available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Palm & PocketPC
  • Framingham Heart Age - iPhone/iTouch app for calculating heart age/cardiac risk. *
  • Geriatrics At Your Fingertips ($ or free to American Geriatric Society student members) – Useful Evidence-Based text, tables, algorithms and calculators.
  • Handango ($) – Clearinghouse for apps for many device models.
  • HanDBase ($) – Available for multiple platforms. Create handheld mini databases to track any information.
  • Harriet Lane Handbook ($) – Highly rated, comprehensive pediatric resource.
  • Harrison's Manual for Mobile ($) – The classic internal medicine textbook. Available for all platforms.
  • Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide – High quality text with Infectious Disease expert recommendations, listings by diagnosis, pathogen, or by antibiotic.
  • LexiComp ($) – Comprehensive pharmaceutical resource.
  • MedCalc – A free medical calculator. Will work on some but not all mobile devices.
  • Medical Calculator - for iPhone/iTouch.  Includes APGAR, BMI, Creatinine Clearance, OB Wheel and 49 others.  
  • Medscape Mobile - Free mobile information and drug tool, avaialble on iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. 
  • Micromedex - Mobile broswer version of UMMS/UMMHC drug and toxicology reference.
  • Mobile Merck Medicus – The familiar Merck Manual along with the Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests.
  • PDA MD ($) – Clearinghouse for apps for many device models. *
  • Skyscape ($) – Comprehensive site featuring top quality textbook and other medical resource applications for varied platforms.
  • StatCoder ($) – iPhone/iTouch apps including growth charts, depression screening, ICD-9 codes and asthma guidelines.
  • UpToDate ($) – Available as a downloadable app or via a mobile browser session.
  • United States Preventive Services Task Force, Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) – Resource from AHRQ indicating Evidence-Based screening recommendations. *
  • Washington Manuals ($) – Excellent guides designed for residents. Manuals provided for 28 different specialties. Available via Skyscape.
  • ZDNet – News and information about mobile devices.