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Mobile/Handheld Resources Guide

Lexicomp Mobile

Through UMMS/UMMHC, access the following drug resources on a mobile device:

Martindale Complete Drug Reference 5-Minute Clinical Consult
Lexi-Drugs Adult Patient Education
Drug Allergy & Idiosyncratic Reactions Pediatric Patient Education
Infectious Diseases Lexi-Tox
Pharmacogenomics Facts and Comparisons Off-Label
Pediatric and Neonatal Lexi-Drugs IV Compatibility
Nursing Lexi-Drugs Interact
Pregnancy and Lactation Drug ID
Lab Tests and Diagnostic Procedures Lexi-CALC
Natural Product Patient Educations Household Products
Dental Lexi-Drugs  


Lexicomp Mobile Instructions

LEXICOMP Mobile Access Instructions

1. To begin, use this link to create a free personal account with Lexicomp. NOTE: While the completion of this first step will lead you to a Lexicomp log in page, you will need to RETURN TO THIS PAGE and click the link under step 2 to complete the set up.

2. Next, from the Lexicomp homepage, click the Mobile App Access button on the right side of the page

3. Answer the platform question and then choose "New Customer"

4. A 12-digit alpha/numeric authorization code will appear.  Write this down or keep the page open.

5. Then, find the Lexicomp app (also free) through your App Store/Google Play

6. Download and install the app and the open it

7. Log in using the user name/password set up during step 1.  Then, enter the 12-digit code in the space provided.

8. Finally, choose the modules you wish to use and then "Update."

Last updated 3/2/17