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Refugee Health

Resources for Local Refugees and their Healthcare Providers

HHS - ACF - Office of Refugee Resettlement

This website provides healthcare providers with an Emergency Preparedness Booklet in fourteen different languages for refugees during a vulnerable time when communication and understanding is key.


EthnoMed's toolkit provides information regarding assessment and interventions, access to refugee patients medical information, health screen suggestions, links, referrals and other resources.

Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center

Here healthcare providers can find information about refugees, their access to care, and specifics regarding physical assessments, prevention, and possible expected health conditions. This resource also provides a forum, where providers can share other resources and various experiences.

Refugee and Immigrant Health - EOHHS provides this detailed document (Refugee Health Assessment: A Guide for Health Care Clinicians) about Refugee Health Assessments

CDC - Refugee Health Guidelines

Here the CDC provides information regarding the expected pre-departure and post-arrival screenings and treatment of refugees. Defines main goals of guidelines around caring for refugees as: 1. promote and improve health, 2. prevent disease, and 3. familiarize the refugee with our system of healthcare.