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Systematic Reviews: Support from the Lamar Soutter Library: Introduction

Systematic Review

The Systematic Review Team

   The health sciences librarian can play a valuable role on systematic review teams.  Librarians at the Lamar Soutter Library have served on these teams and have made a significant contribution to these projects.  "The 2011 publication from the Institute of Medicine, Finding What Works in Health Care:  Standards for Systematic Reviews, recommends working with librarians trained in performing systematic reviews to plan the search strategy and perform searches." (Dudden, Protzko 2011) 

   The purpose of this guide is provide information and resources to conduct a systematic review.   

   Good resource to get started:  I Want to Do a Systematic Review

   The stages of a systematic review.

   If you would like assistance with a systematic review, please contact Len Levin or Catherine Carr.


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Contact the Library to Discuss Your Systematic Review

For more information on the library's systematic review program or to request a meeting to discuss your project, contact

Regina Raboin



Published Systematic Reviews with LSL Support

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