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Health Literacy Resources

Use this guide to locate Web resources related to health literacy, and health communications


Health Literacy Forum: The Taubman Library (University of Michigan) hosted a panel discussion about literacy statistics and local programs aimed at improving health literacy and health communication. The panel discussion has been separated into eight parts with each one under ten minutes in length.

Health Literacy Video Library: Videos from Health Literacy Missouri addressing topics such as cultural understanding and plain language.

Healthy Roads Media: This site features videos on a variety of health topics. Many of the videos are offered in languages other than English. 

Improving Patient-Provider Communication: This video highlights what is required by Joint Commission standards as well as Federal civil rights laws with respect to patients who are deaf/hard of hearing or limited English proficient. Accompanying the video is a list of resources and tools that health care organizations can use to build effective language access programs.


Health Literacy Out Loud: Podcast interviews with those in-the-know about health literacy.

IOM Health Literacy Video

Thank You

Thank you to Adrianne Leonardelli and the Duke University Medical Center Library. This Resource Guide was based on information from the Duke University Medical Center Guide on Health Literacy.

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