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University of Liberia, A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, Health Sciences Library: PEER Family Medicine Specialty Rotations

This site is a cooperation between the University of Massachusetts Medical School Lamar Soutter Library and the University of Liberia Health Sciences Libraries

Lecture 1: Introduction to Behavioral Health and the Stress Reaction (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 2: Patient-Centered Care and Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 3: Management of Stress and Physician Wellness (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 4: Motivational Interviewing Part 2 (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 5: Motivational Interviewing Part 3 (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 6: Motivational Interviewing Part 4 (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Readings for Lecture 6

Lecture 7: Behavioral Health Considerations in Prenatal and Postpartum Care (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 8: Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Physicians (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 9: Trauma Informed Peripartum Care (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 10: Delivery of Bad/Difficult News (Professor Elizabeth Dykhouse)

Lecture 1: Overview of ENT (Dr. Ivan Muanah)

Topic 1: HIV Overview & Antiretroviral First Line Treatment (Dr. Morgan Younkin)

Topic 2: HIV Treatment Failure; Antiretroviral Toxicity & Complications (Dr. Morgan Younkin)

Topic 3: Focused Review of Antiretroviral Treatment (Dr. Morgan Younkin)

Topic 4: HIV Opportunistic Infections & Co-occurring Conditions (Dr. Morgan Younkin)

Lecture 1: Ophthalmology Fundamentals (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)


Lecture 2: Red Eye for the Family Physician (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)


Lecture 3: Cataract (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)


Lecture 4: Glaucoma for the Family Physician (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)


Lecture 5: Diabetic Eye Disease (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)


Lecture 6: What not to miss in Pediatric Ophthalmology (Dr. Oteng-Gyimah)

Lecture 1: How Can the Department of Family Medicine Benefit from the Laboratory Physicians  (Dr. Abidemi Omonisi)

Lecture 1: The Basics of Neuroimaging: Techniques, Basic Anatomy and Pathology (Dr. William Pleming, RAD AID)

Lecture 2: Head CT Workshop (Dr. William Pleming, RAD AID)

Lecture 3: Introduction to Normal and Abnormal Fetal Anatomy (Dr. Brian Loe, RAD AID)

Lecture 4: Approach to Pediatric Plain Films (Dr. Chido Vera, RAD AID)

Lecture 5: Abdominal Ultrasound: Gallbladder and Biliary Tree (Dr. Brian Loe, RAD AID)

Lecture 6: Abdominal Ultrasound: Kidneys (Dr. Brian Loe, RAD AID)

Lecture 7: Abdominal Ultrasound: Liver (Dr. Brian Loe, RAD AID)

Lecture 8: Abdominal Ultrasound: Pancreas (Dr. Brian Loe, RAD AID)

Lecture 9: Renal Ultrasound (Dr. Bob Harris, RAD AID)

Lecture 10: Ultrasound of Superficial Lumps and Bumps (Dr. Bob Harris, RAD AID)

Lecture 11: Radiology for the Wards, Appropriate Ordering (Dr. Edwarda Golden, RAD AID)

Lecture 12:  Acute Stroke Imaging (Dr. José Gavito, RAD AID)