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Antiracism Challenge

This guide provides resources for individuals, teams, departments and units to engage in developing racial literacy, learning more about racial equity issues, and reflection towards building a more diverse, equitable, inclusive and anti-racist community.

Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Congratulations! Take a moment to pause, reflect and celebrate your accomplishment. You have met the challenge! Though we are sure that by now you recognize this only the beginning of a journey. Use the reflection questions and resources on this page to help keep your journey going.

Each time you come to the challenge there will be new things to learn and explore because your own perspectives and knowledge you bring in will change. We will keep this guide updated too, revising and updating as new resources become available.

If you have enjoyed the contents of this challenge, and seek further resources to explore, please see the further resources section. Sections are divided into resources to read, watch, and engage with as you continue your learning journey.


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Further Learning