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Campus Read: Legacy

Access resources to support discussion and professional development around the Campus Read program sponsored by the Diversity and Inclusion Office.

Legacy: An Introduction

Key Terms

Structural Competency: originally described by Metzel and Hansen as “… the trained ability to discern how a host of issues defined clinically as symptoms, attitudes, or diseases (e.g., depression, hypertension, obesity, smoking, medication “non‐compliance,” trauma, psychosis) also represent the downstream implications of a number of upstream decisions about such matters as health care and food delivery systems, zoning laws, urban and rural infrastructures, medicalization, or even about the very definitions of illness and health.” (Metzel & Hansen, 2014)

Cultural Responsiveness: involves understanding and appropriately including and responding to the combination of cultural variables and the full range of dimensions of diversity that an individual brings to interactions. Cultural responsiveness requires valuing diversity, seeking to further cultural knowledge, and working toward the creation of community spaces and work spaces where diversity is valued (Hopf et al., 2021)

Racial Concordance: having a shared identity between a physician and a patient regarding their race whereas racial discordance refers to patients and physicians having different racial identities (Shen et al., 2019)

From "pet to threat": highlights the subtle yet significant shift in the perception and treatment of women in the workplace. Initially seen as likable and non-threatening, women may suddenly become viewed as threats when they exhibit assertiveness or ambition

Lost to follow up failure to return to the health facility for care or treatment refill for 180 days or more from the previous visit. Or, to quote an article from 1967 in the Lancet Medical Journal: "Lost to follow-up" means more than loss, it means failure to find. Some patients will be lost, the risk being higher in the long-term follow-up of young adults with curable disease" (Small & Edin, 1967).

Spotlight on UMass Chan

At UMass Chan Medical School, diversity, equity, and inclusion are pivotal to our mission. We strive to build a community of healthcare providers, researchers, and educators committed to knowledge advancement, health, and wellness. Recognizing and combating prejudice, bias, and systemic barriers is crucial for fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Office leads this effort by integrating diversity into all academic and professional aspects through educational programs, affinity group support, and a culture that embraces inclusivity.

The Office of Health Equity champions diverse voices and careers in health equity with inclusive recruitment, investigator career advancement, and collaborative initiatives.

Other UMass Chan programs that reinforce these values by supporting diverse students in healthcare and biomedical sciences are:

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