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Library Services for MMS Members and BML Fellows

This guide gathers together the myriad library services available for the Boston Medical Library (BML) Fellows and members of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS).

Fees and Payment for MMS/BML

Borrowing materials from the Lamar Sutter Library is FREE for Members of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), as well as for the Boston Medical Library (BML) Fellows.


Massachusetts Medical Society Members

All materials requests from Massachusetts Medical Society
Members must be made using:

When visiting the Lamar Soutter Library, MMS patrons
must first make an appointment and receive a
from Leon Barzin at with an appointment request.

Boston Medical Library Fellows

Material requests can be made directly through ILLiad; instructions for first-time users are listed below.

Delivery of Materials for MMS and BML

logo of written pages



Articles and book chapters will be sent electronically by email.

stack of books


Books will be shipped via UPS mail, including a prelabeled return envelope to send items back to the library.

Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) Members

Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) Interlibrary Loan Policies

  • Free articles, book chapters, and physical book loans
  • To place a request:
    • Contact Leon Barzin at
      • Note: All MMS requests must go through Leon

Boston Medical Library (BML) Fellows

Boston Medical Library (BML) Interlibrary Loan Policies

  • Free articles, book chapters, and physical book loans
  • Create an account in ILLiad as a first-time user:
    • 1. Go to ILLiad and select First Time User
    • 2. Library Barcode = LastNameFirstInitial (i.e. DoeJ)
    • 3. Fill out the rest of the form, making sure all required fields are filled
    • 4. Status = Boston Medical Library (BML)
    • 5. Department = Boston Medical Library (BML)
    • 6. Username = LastNameFirstInitial (i.e., DoeJ)
    • 7. Choose a password
    • 8. Click Submit Information
    • 9. Add Account
      • Account Number: Boston Medical Library
      • Leave all other fields blank
      • Click Add Account
    • Now you are ready to request ILL articles/book chapters!
  • To place a request:
    • Log into ILLiad
    • Under New Request in the left-hand column, choose Article or Book Chapter
    • Fill in as many fields possible
      • Note: The more information provided, the easier it is for us to fill the request
    • Click Submit Request
  • To retrieve a filled request:
    • You will receive an email when the request has been filled prompting you to log into ILLiad
    • Once you are logged into ILLiad: Under View in the left-hand column, choose view/Download Electronically Received Items
    • Download and save file to your preferred location
      • Note: the file remains available in ILLiad for thirty (30) days.  After thirty (30) days, it is no longer accessible in ILLiad.