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Library Services for MMS Members and BML Fellows

This guide gathers together the myriad library services available for the Boston Medical Library (BML) Fellows and members of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS).

Welcome to Our Massachusetts Medical Society Members and Boston Medical Library Partners

Boston Medical Library SealMembers of the Massachusetts Medical Society and Boston Medical Library Fellows have expanded access to library resources, via an alliance with the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School. An overview of these resources, provided at point of need both online and in-person at the Lamar Soutter Library (LSL), are outlined in this guide, alongside recommendations on contemporary medical research strategies by experts.

Under an agreement between the Boston Medical Library and University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, MMS members enjoy expanded services, including the opportunity to:

Request articles from LSL or through interlibrary loan.

Borrow materials via mail and prepaid return mailer.

Consult virtually about research and library questions.

Visit the Lamar Soutter Library (55 N Lake Ave, Worcester, MA) in person