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InterLibrary Loan (ILL): Borrowing- UMass Chan/UMMHC

This is the Lamar Soutter Library Guide to Interlibrary Loan, a borrowing service available to the UMass Chan/UMMHC community.

Welcome to Interlibrary Loan!

Borrowing through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

If a journal article, book, or other material is unavailable at the Lamar Soutter Library, UMass Chan Medical School faculty, staff, and students, UMass Memorial Health Care (UMMHC) staff, Boston Medical Library fellows, and Massachusetts Medical Society members can borrow it from other collections using InterLibrary Loan (ILL).


First Time Users

NOTE: First time accessing the interlibrary loan system? Click first time users and enter you library barcode number as your username. You will be prompted to create a password.

Eligibility and Materials


Current UMass Chan students (SOM, GSN, GSBS), faculty, staff, fellows, residents, post-docs, UMMHC clinical staff, Boston Medical Library fellows, and Massachusetts Medical Society members can use Interlibrary loan, including ForHealth Consulting and NIH Summer research fellows.   


Patrons can borrow items not available in the library collection, including books and articles.  Please note, bound journals and periodicals do not typically circulate, and we will not be able to get them for you.  Request single articles or book chapters.


Fees and Payment

How much does ILL cost?

  • UMass Chan students: Free!
  • UMass Chan/UMMHC faculty and staff:
    • Article or book loan: $14.00
    • Surcharge for rush requests: $14.00
  • Payment:
    • UMass Chan faculty and staff: A Speed Type number or Account number is necessary for each transaction
    • UMMHC staff: Please provide your department name (e.g., Memorial - ObGyn)
    • Credit cards are not accepted
    • The Library pays all copyright charges

Create an Account

1. Start on the First Time User Registration for Interlibrary Loan/Pull and Copy page.

 2. Read the Information. Then click First Time Users Click Here:

3. Enter your information as requested.

Library Barcode

Your username is your library barcode. It begins with D and has 9 digits.  

Apply for a barcode here.  Get help with your barcode by calling 508-856-6099 or emailing

Add Billing Account

Before the ILL department can completely process any borrowing request, we will need an account number for billing purposes. 

UMass Chan students (SOM, GSN, GSBS): Account Number: Student   Description: your school (SOM, GSN, or GSBS)

Fellows and residents: Account Number: Fellow or Resident

UMass Chan and UMMHC faculty, staff, post-docs: You can obtain this account number from your department's administration/finance office. The account number is called a “People Soft Speed Type” number. 

How to Place Requests

Through our online databases you can use the "Check for Full Text" link to order journal articles not owned by the library. Simply click on the “Request this document via Interlibrary Loan” link which will fill-in the interlibrary loan request form.


  • The first time you place an order, you will register as an ILLiad user. Your library barcode number will be your username. You will choose your own password. To avoid delays, be sure to include your payment information.
  • If you forget your password, contact the Interlibrary Loan office at 508-856-2080.

For more detailed instructions on placing an InterLibrary Loan request, please see How to Place Requests and How to Automatically Submit a Request via PubMed.

How to Place Requests

1. Log in to your ILL account.
2. Click ArticleBook, Book Chapter, or Dissertation in the "New Requests" section of the sidebar:


3. Enter the citation and fill in all required answers. Then click Submit Request.


How to Automatically Submit a Request via PubMed

  1. Search for the article using PubMed as you would ordinarily.
  2. When you have found the article, look at the right side-bar for any full-text links. Click Check For Full Text to search all UMMS resources. 
  3. If the Check for Full Text link does not find any resources, you can click Request Item via Interlibrary Loan to automaticall fill-in the Interlibrary Loan form.




Patrons can choose the delivery method:

  • For articles: email

  • For books: pick-up at the Library Service Point or interoffice mail


Return books and other materials by the due date to the Circulation Desk. You are financially responsible for damage or loss of materials, from the time they are picked up until the time they are returned to the library.

Pull and Copy

To request an article in the library’s holdings, please log into your ILLiad account and fill out the article request form. Average turn-around time is 24 hours and delivery is via email.

Fee: $13.00 per article. No exceptions.

Physical Bound Journals

Bound Journal Retrieval

Physical bound journals are in library storage and can be retrieved by library staff upon request. Patrons must fill out a journal retrieval request. Issues are in-library use only. To request a physical journal, please log into your ILLiad account and fill out the request form. Average turn-around time is 24 hours.  An email notification will be sent when the journal has been retrieved.  The requested journal will be held behind the Library Service Point for three days. If you wish for the library to scan any pages on your behalf, a $13.00 Pull and Copy fee will apply per article. 

Quick Facts

What is InterLibrary Loan?

  • A service to request books and articles from other libraries.

Who is allowed to use InterLibrary Loan?

  • UMass Chan and UMMHC students, faculty, and staff, Boston Medical Library fellows, and Massachusetts Medical Society members.

Does InterLibrary Loan cost?

  • For UMass Chan students, it's free!  Everyone else, it is $14 paid via Speed Type Number or Clinical Account Number.

How long will this take?

  • Articles are usually delivered within two business days.  Books can take up to three weeks.

How do I submit a request using the 'Check For Full Text' link?

  • Through our online databases, use the "Check for Full Text" link to order journal articles not owned by the library. Click “Request this document via Interlibrary Loan” to automatically fill in the request form.

Or, how do I submit a request with a citation?

  • Log into your InterLibrary Loan account, then use the options under "New Request."  Fill out the form with as much information as possible, then hit Submit!

How will I know when my request is ready to pick up?

  • You'll receive an automated email when the article or book is ready.  We send articles directly to your inbox, and you can pick up books at the circulation desk.

Where should I return my books when I'm finished?

  • Please return books by the due date to the Circulation Desk.

What is my username?

  • Your username is your library barcode number, which starts with a capital D.  To get help with your library barcode, visit My Library Accounts or call the Circulation Desk at (508) 856-6099.

What is my password?

  • You will set your own password, but if you need help resetting, please contact us at the InterLibrary Loan Office at (508) 856-2080.


Vivian Okyere
​Manager, Library Operations
(508) 856-6099