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InterLibrary Loan (ILL): Borrowing-RML Book Kits

This is the Lamar Soutter Library Guide to Interlibrary Loan, a borrowing service available to the UMass Chan/UMMHC community.

Borrowing- NNLM Region 7 Graphic Medicine Book Club Kits

Borrowing through Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) for NNLM Region 7 Graphic Medicine Book Club Kit patrons

Free graphic medicine book club kits can be requested through LSL’s Interlibrary Loan by organizations based in NNLM Region 7.

Instructions for ordering kits:

  • Create an account in ILLiad as a first-time user:

    1. Go to ILLiad and select First Time Users Click Here
    2. Library Barcode Number = LastNameFirstInitial (i.e. DoeJ)
    3. Fill out the rest of the form, making sure all required fields are filled
    4. Enter mailing address (be sure this the correct address for library staff to ship the kits)
    5. Status = RML Book Kits
    6. Department = RML Book Kits
    7. Username = LastNameFirstInitial (i.e., DoeJ)
    8. Choose a password
    9. Click Submit Information
    10. Add Account
      • Account Number: RML Book Kits
      • Leave all other fields blank
      • Click Add Account
    11. Now you are ready to request RML book kits!
  • Before placing a request, please verify that the kit is available either by searching "NNLM Region 7 Graphic Medicine Book Kit" in the library catalog or viewing this list (note: double click on a title to see item status)
  • To place a request:
    1. Log into ILLiad
    2. Under New Request in the left-hand column, choose Book
    3. Enter the kit topic or book title (i.e. Topic: LGBTQ or Fun Home)
    4. If needed, please leave any notes in the Notes field for library staff
    5. Click Submit Request
  • Book kits circulate for 8 weeks at a time, starting from the shipping date stated in an email notification from the UMass Chan Interlibrary Loan office.  Included in this email with be an expected return date. It is expected that books be returned in the same condition in which they were received. Handouts, including flyers, discussion questions, quick-guide to reading comics, etc. are not expected to return (though the return of unused materials is appreciated).
  • To return the requested kit, use the enclosed return envelope. 

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