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Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing Resources and Information: Behavioral Tests

Psychiatric Rating Scales & Psychological Tests

This page highlights resources on psychiatric and psychological tests, as well as for information on test validity, usage, etc. NOTE: Many tests are copyrighted and, to be used, must be purchased through a test instrument publisher.

Other Online Resources

Psychiatric Test Guides & Resources (Books)

Compendium of Quality of Life Resources

 WA 900.1 C737 1998   (Reference Collection)

This 5 volume set includes approximately 200 instruments, all validated by key references, used by researchers to measure the quality of life. Reliability, validity and strengths and weaknesses of the instruments are presented, enabling researchers to decide their use.

  • Vol 1: General quality of life assessment instruments; disease specific quality of life instruments (anxiety and depression, arthritis/musculoskeletal diseases).
  • Vol 2: Disease specific quality of life instruments (cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, endocrine and gastrointestinal diseases, HIV/AIDS, hospice and palliative care, and neurological diseases).
  • Vol 3: Disease specific quality of life instruments (psychosocial and mental disorders).
  • Vol 4: Disease specific quality of life instruments (rehabilitation, renal diseases and respiratory diseases).
  • Vol 5: Specific groups quality of life assessment instruments (caregivers, children, elderly, and women); economic specific quality of life indices.


 Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests: Administration, Norms and Commentary

 WL 141 S768c 2006  (Main Collection)

Presents critical reviews of major neuropsychological assessment tools. This book provides information concerning theoretical background, norms, reliability, validity, and utility of tests. It includes the chapters: "Psychometrics in Neuropsychological Assessment" and "Norms Selection in Neuropsychological Assessment".


 Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment

 WM 145 C737 2004   --  (Reference Collection)

This 4-volume reference presents essential information on the four major classes of psychological assessment instruments, including intelligence/neuropsychological, personality (both objective and projective), behavioral, and industrial/organizational. Each volume contains information on the history of the specific branch of testing, the range of tests, theoretical considerations, psychometric concerns, range of populations, cross-cultural factors, use with people with disabilities, legal/ethical considerations, computerization, and future development. Individual chapters consider these topics as they relate to specific instruments.


 Evaluating Stress:  a Book of Resources

 WM 145 E92 1997  -- 2 volumes  (Main Collection)

Bringing together twenty-nine noted experts in various therapeutic and stress management fields, it details the history, conditions for use, and key references for finding the measure and psychometrics of twenty-one different instruments used in the evaluation of stress.


Handbook of Psychiatric Measures

 WM 34 A512 2008   (Main Collection)

A valued resource at the clinician's, researcher's, and administrator's disposal, this second edition is more than a summary of measures. It provides the essential information to make better decisions about the use of a particular measure. Includes a CD-ROM.


 Handbook of Psychological Assessment

 BF 176 H236 2000  (Main Collection)

This third edition represents an effort to give the reader an overview of the many new developments in assessment, while still maintaining material on basic psychometric concepts in order for it to continue to serve as a comprehensive handbook for the student and professional.


 Mental Measurements Handbook

 BF 431 N716 (Reference Collection) 17th ed. (2007)

 Provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 2,700 contemporary testing instruments. Designed for an audience ranging from novice test consumers to experienced professionals, the MMY series contains information essential for a complete evaluation of test products within such diverse areas as psychology, education, business, and leadership.

All MMY entries contain descriptive information (e.g., test purpose, publisher, pricing) and edited review(s) written by leading content area experts. To be included in the MMY, a test must be commercially available, published in the English language, and be new or revised since it last appeared in the series.


 Rating Scales in Mental Health

 WM 34 S158r 2001   (Book Collection)

General Concepts section provides text information on the use of rating scales, statistical evaluation, and rating scale domains. The Rating Scales section provides information on over 80 scales grouped in 16 categories  Information on the scales is presented in monograph format and provide: overview of scale, general applications, psychometric properties, references, copyright, scale generally done by, time to complete scale, representative study utilizing scale, and a sample of the scale. The appendix contains tables and charts in a quick reference format providing rapid identification of categories and characteristics of rating scales.


Tests : a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business

BF 176 T345 2003 (Reference Collection)

These short descriptions of tests from education, psychology, and human resources provide title, author, population, purpose, scoring methods, cost and availability. Also lists tests that can be given to the hearing, physically and visually impaired, as well as non-English speakers.


 Test Critiques

 BF 176 T342 1984 (1988 – Reference Collection)

Provides critiques of the most frequently used psychology, education, and business tests.


Tests in print VI : an index to tests, test reviews, and the literature on specific tests

WM 145 T3452 2002  (Reference Collection)

 A comprehensive bibliography to all known commercially available tests that are currently in print in the English language (including such areas as education, psychology, business). Includes test purpose, test publisher, in-print status, price, test acronym, intended test population, administration times, publication date(s), and test author(s). A score index permits users to identify what is being measured by each test.

Guides readers to critical, candid test reviews published in the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) series (serves as a comprehensive index to all the Mental Measurement Yearbooks published to date).




NIH Toolbox

NIH Toolbox is a multidimensional set of brief measures assessing cognitive, emotional, motor and sensory function from ages 3 to 85, meeting the need for a standard set of measures that can be used as a “common currency” across diverse study designs and settings.

Electronic Databases

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) designed to index information on testing instruments published in journal articles and selected books. Coverage is from 1985 to present, with selective coverage of earlier materials. Topical areas include psychology, psychiatry, and a variety of other health related fields.

PsycINFO contains a wealth of information on testing instruments published in journal articles and selected books. Coverage is from 1806 to present. Topical areas include psychology, psychiatry, and a variety of other health related fields.

ERICEducation Resources Information Center - for Educational psychology and tests and measurements - Try limiting your search to publication type Tests/Questionnaires