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Evidence-Based Medicine: Learning Modules


These modules are meant to support learning in the UMMS 3rd year clerkship program.  Seminars in using and applying Best-Evidence will be offered in the Family Medicine portion of the "Care of the Family" Clerkship.  Review of these modules is required for all students prior to in-class sessions as initial understanding of this information.  Students will be asked to utilize, comment upon and give informal presentations based upon this content.

Lurking Variables

"Lies, Damed Lies and Statistics" - att. Benjamin Disraeli - or how Simpson's Paradox can make make statistic misleading.

EBM-Oriented Song Parody

If you want a more lite-hearted take on EBM, check out these YouTube song parodies by Dr. James McCormack from British Columbia, Canada.

Another EBM-Oriented Song Parody

One more EBM-Oriented Song Parody