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Library Instruction

PC Installation Information

Please read the installation directions below carefully:

I have a UMass Chan-provided computer or laptop (EndNote 20 download):

  1. If you have a UMass Chan-provided device, you will likely not have administrative rights on your computer, and will need to download EndNote from IT’s list of pre-approved apps or programs. These programs are available from the Company Portal or the Software Center, depending on the device you are using.
  2. Click the Start button or Windows icon and search “Company Portal” or “Software Center”
  3. In the window that comes up, you should see and option for Apps. Click this and scroll to find EndNote alphabetically listed.
  4. Click EndNote and select “Install.” The installation process should occur without further input from you.

I want to install EndNote on a personal device:

  1. You must be a user with administrative rights on your computer for this process to work
  2. Close all Microsoft apps (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint)
  3. Click the link below labelled with your desired EndNote PC download
  4. Go to your downloads folder- do not click the downloaded file
  5. In your downloads, right click the zipped file and look for EXTRACT ALL
  6. Finish extracting; run the installer, following the steps for a basic installation
  7. If the installer asks for a license number, please try the extraction process again

If you run into any issues downloading EndNote, please contact Victoria Rossetti for a direct link

Mac OS Installation

Mac EndNote X9 Installation for personal or UMass Chan provided Mac computers:

  1. To install EndNote, you must be an administrator on your computer. Please begin by closing all Microsoft programs, including Outlook and Word. After you click the link below, you may be asked to log in using single sign on. Once you have logged in, click the download button.
  2. For users upgrading from an older version of EndNote, please make sure your libraries are saved in a file location separate from the EndNote program folder (usually C:\ProgramFiles\EndNote). Uninstall older versions of EndNote.
  3. The EndNote install link you see below will download a zipped file into your downloads folder. You will have to unzip the file before you can run the installer; if you do not unzip the file, the installer may not be able to read the license information and will ask you for a license number or ask you to install a trial version.
  4. To unzip the file, go to your downloads folder and either control+click or click with two fingers on the file. Select Open with>Archive Utility. Give this a couple of minutes to work.
  5. You should now have a .dmg file; double click this to start the installation process. 
  6. Click twice on the gear icon on the EndNote installer window and follow the instructions.

Getting the error message: Word was unable to load an add-in. Your add-in isn't compatible with this version of Word. Please contact the add-in provider for an update.

Solution: Enable Apple’s Rosetta service for Word. Do this by closing Word, right clicking (or command click) its name in the applications list, selecting get info, and then checking the run using Rosetta option. Once you do that, try opening Word. Reach out to the library if this doesn’t resolve the issue. More details here: M1 chip

If you run into any issues downloading EndNote, please contact Victoria Rossetti for a direct link

EndNote Instruction

This 60-minute class will demonstrate how to set up a new library, how to import citations from MEDLINE, how to work with the citation style manager and how to add bibliographic references to a Microsoft Word document


  • Attendees will know how to create an EndNote Library.
  • Attendees will know how to import citations from MEDLINE using either Ovid or PubMed.
  • Attendees will understand how to use EndNote with Microsoft Word in formatting bibliographic references for paper or grant submission.

Request an EndNote Class

EndNote Workbook