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University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School Humanities Lab

Medical Humanities Lab: Project Support

Official website of the Medical Humanities Lab at UMass Chan Medical School

Project Support Provided by the Lab

Advice and Consultations

The lab has a wide variety in expertise in the medical humanities all along the project spectrum, from idea development to publication/presenation, that is happily shared. 


Lab members can connect you to available communication technology in the library, from IT, and across campus.


The lab can help advice and coordinate with the library and/or room reservations to find space on campus for medical humanities activities whether it is for working on a project or finding a display/ presentation space. 

Collaboration with the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Pathways Course

The Pathway course for medical students is designed to provide students with longitudinal experiences to (1) gain skillsets pertinent to their future careers, (2) establish meaningful community partnerships and/or research projects and (3) provide experiential learning opportunities that will strengthen residency program applications. As part of the course, students are required to complete a group Pathways Longitudinal Project (PLP) by their 4th year. 

Humanities is integrated into the first year of the Pathway course through a dedicated class session. Students may also incorporate Medical Humanities into their PLP.

Searching for a PLP Project Mentor?

Please reach out to the lab or attend a lab meeting to request or meet a possible project mentor and check out our projects page for project ideas. 

Looking for a Project Advisor

Enter your information below and a member of the humanities lab will be in touch to connect you with possible project advisors for humanities-based projects.




Health Humanities Programs in the US

Resources for writing and reviewing medical humanities articles

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