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Disability Resources for Pediatrics: Understanding Your Child's Diagnosis

Information of resources, community service and support for families of children with disabilities and/or special health care needs.

Tips on Searching for Health Information on the Web

Here are some things to think about when looking for health information:


   Who wrote what you are looking at?  Could you call, write or e-mail the author if you wanted to?


   Look for a date.  When was the web page put out there?  Health information is always changing.  Information that is over three years old may be out of date.  It is OK to use this information, but look for something newer to go with it.


   Who put the website up? Are they trying to sell something?  Does the information sound too good to be true?  If so, it probably is.  Do the links work?  Do they lead you to other medical sites or to ads? 


Talk to your doctor or nurse about the information you find, ask questions!  Remember...anyone can put anything on the Internet!


Recommended Health Web Sites

UMass Memorial Medical Center/University Campus