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Researcher Tools, Services and Support

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources and information to the UMass Medical School community about the Library's research and scholarly communication services.


Upcoming Seminars

Introduction to Library Research Support: Start the academic year by discovering new resources for your UMass Chan success

September 27, 2023 at 12-12:30pm

New to UMass Chan or can’t remember the last time you visited the library in person or online? Come find out about all the research resources and services the Lamar Soutter Library provides. Need to access articles from a different library? Need to know if you can post a copy of your article on your personal website? Need to share your data to fulfill funding requirements? There’s a librarian for that!

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Perfecting your NSF Biographical Sketch: A SciENcv Workshop

October 11, 2023 at 1-2pm

Starting October 23, 2023, the National Science Foundation (NSF) requires all biographical sketches submitted with NSF grants to be completed in SciENcv. Join us to learn about the basics of creating an NSF biographical sketch, the use of the NCBI tools, My Bibliography and SciENcv, and how you can use an existing NIH biosketch in SciENcv to create your NSF biographical sketch.

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Workshop Recordings

Using the DMPTool for your NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan

Change is in the Air: New NIH Data Sharing Requirements and How to Meet Them

The following recording is for a previous iteration of this webinar recorded on December 6, 2022.

eScholarship@UMassChan: Share UMass Chan Research with the World

Preprints: Accelerating the availability of research


Workshop Recordings

Perfecting your Biosketch: A SciENcv Workshop

Citation Manager Workshop: Zotero and Endnote

Research Data Management 101: Elements of a Data Management and Sharing Plan

Cleaning Data Using OpenRefine

Finding Data

You've got the data, now what? Communicating your findings effectively with Excel charts

You’ve got the data, now what? Communicating your findings effectively and reproducibly using charts produced with R and ggplot2


Highlighted Databases