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Copyright Resources

Publisher Policies for Journal Content

Publishers of journals have different approaches to copyright for the content that they produce. Some ask for full transfer of coyright; some allow the author to retain copyright and ask for a license to disseminate the work. Always read the publisher's copyright and author rights policies before submitting a manuscript. 

Publisher Policies for Textbook Content

Selected Rights to Use Content from Textbooks Adopted for Courses

Elsevier (March 2011):

Many textbooks have online support material/electronic versions available. Contact the rep with specific titles and how much material would be used in PPT slides. SEE: and

Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins (February 2011):

When the book is adopted for the program and in use by the students, faculty can use all the images they want from the book and ebook they have access to at Just about every image from all LWW books can be found within their sections of that site. Use for PPTs etc. is considered “Fair Usage” when the book is adopted.

McGraw-Hill (March 2011):

Instructors can have access to the website with PPTs and images for the textbook they have adopted. They will receive that from their McGraw-Hill rep. Registration is required for access to the website. The content can be used in lectures, tests, on Blackboard. Faculty can use content for professional presentations as long as they cut/copy/paste. Contact:

Springer (March 2011):

There are no restrictions on the use of purchased Springer electronic book content. The only exception to Springer’s “No Digital Rights Policy” is that the reuse of Springer content for commercial gain is not allowed. Solutions manuals are available for several textbooks. They are distributed only when the textbook has been “adopted” for a course—a minimum of 6 copies must be ordered. Contact sales rep or SEE:

Wiley (March 2011):

Most textbooks have Coursesmart electronic versions available. Many have PPT slides and image banks available for instructor use in the classroom. Contact the rep to arrange for an access account. Permissions page: