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Selected EBM Titles

Selected Book Titles in Evidence-Based Medicine and Evidence-Based Psychiatry

Books selected by Psychiatry Training Director as best introductions to evidence based medicine, critical reading, clinical writing, evidence-based psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

Using This List: Click on the link for any of the individual titles to a) see if this book is available in the Lamar Soutter Library, b) request a copy to be delivered to the Lamar Soutter Library at NO COST from Boston Library Consortium libraries, or c) order your own copy from or other online book vendors.  To navigate, use the "back" and "forward" commands by right-clicking anywhere on the list.

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Protecting Human Research Subjects

Good evidence can only be effectively used if it is methodologically collected and the data is well managed.  The foundation of good research is the ethical treatment of human subjects whose voluntary participation in clinical trails leads to sound research outcome data which then leads to the evidence needed for clinical decision making.  The moral standards for the practice of medicine can be traced back to Hippocrates in the 4th century BCE.  But three major documents from the 20th century have laid the foundation for how humans are protected when they participate in research.  Read these three significant and essential documents below:

For more information on human subject research, visit the UMass Chan Medical School Office of Research/Center for Clinical and Translational Research Human Research Protection portal.