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Veterinary & Animal Medicine

Pubmed offers a specilized filter for Veterinary Science. This strategy was created to facilitate searching for veterinary medicine and animal health literature. It includes a wide range of subject search terms and journal titles, which are available to examine on PubMed. PubMed Learn more about this specific search here. PubMed offers many filters or specialized queries for users.

Perform a PubMed search with the Veterinary Science filter.


Veterinary Journals Search String

This is a comprehensive list of veterinary journals formatted for a PubMed search. To use this, enter your search terms in the PubMed Advanced Search query box, followed by AND, then copy and paste the full list, including parentheses, following. 

(Acta Med Vet Napoli [ta] OR
Acta Parasitol [ta] OR
Acta Theriol Warsz [ta] OR
Acta Vet Acad Sci Hung [ta] OR
Acta Vet Beogr [ta] OR
Acta Vet Hung [ta] OR
Acta Vet Scand [ta] OR
Acta Vet Scand Suppl [ta] OR
Acta Zool Pathol Antverp [ta] OR
Adv Mar Biol [ta] OR
Adv Vet Med [ta] OR
Adv Vet Sci [ta] OR
Adv Vet Sci Comp Med [ta] OR
Altern Lab Anim [ta] OR
Am J Vet Res [ta] OR
Anat Histol Embryol [ta] OR
Anim Behav [ta] OR
Anim Behav Cogn [ta] OR
Anim Cells Syst Seoul [ta] OR
Anim Biotechnol [ta] OR
Anim Cogn [ta] OR
Anim Genet [ta] OR
Anim Health Res Rev [ta] OR
Anim Learn Behav [ta] OR
Anim Microbiome [ta] OR 
Anim Nutr [ta] OR
Anim Prod [ta] OR
Anim Reprod [ta] OR
Anim Reprod Sci [ta] OR
Anim Sci J [ta] OR
Anim Technol [ta] OR
Anim Welf [ta] OR
Animal [ta] OR
Animal Model Exp Med[ta] OR
Animals Basel [ta] OR
Ann Parasitol [ta] OR
Ann Rech Vet [ta] OR
Annu Rev Anim Biosci[ta] OR
APDT Chron Dog [ta] OR
Appl Anim Behav Sci [ta] OR
Aquaculture [ta] OR
Aquat Toxicol [ta] OR
Arch Anim Breed [ta]
Arch Anim Nutr [ta] OR
Arch Exp Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Arch Tierernahr [ta] OR
Arch Vet Ital [ta] OR
Arch Vet Pol [ta] OR
Argos [ta] OR
Asian Australas J Anim Sci [ta] OR 
ATLA Abstr [ta] OR
Aust Vet J [ta] OR
Avian Biol Res [ta] OR 
Avian Dis [ta] OR
Avian Pathol [ta] OR
Beitr Trop Landwirtsch Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
Berl Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
BMC Vet Res [ta] OR
Bov Pract Stillwater [ta] OR
Br Poult Sci [ta] OR
Br Vet J [ta] OR
Bull Acad Vet Fr [ta] OR
Bull Anim Health Prod Afr [ta] OR
Bull Epizoot Dis Afr [ta] OR
Bull Off Int Epizoot [ta] OR
Cah Med Vet [ta] OR
Can J Comp Med [ta] OR
Can J Comp Med Vet Sci [ta] OR
Can J Vet Res [ta] OR
Can Vet J [ta] OR
Canine Genet Epidemiol[ta] OR
Canine Med Genet [ta] OR
Canine Pract [ta] OR
Cas Cesk Vet [ta] OR
Case Rep Vet Med [ta] OR 
Cattle Pract [ta] OR 
Clin Tech Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
Clin Vet Milano [ta] OR
Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis [ta] OR
Comp Med [ta] OR
Compend Contin Educ Vet [ta] OR
Condor[ta] OR
Contemp Top Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
Cornell Vet [ta] OR
Curr Protoc Mouse Biol[ta] OR
Dis Aquat Organ [ta] OR
Domest Anim Endocrinol [ta] OR
Dongwuxue Yanjiu [ta] OR
Dtsch Tierarztl Wochenschr [ta] OR
Emerg Infect Dis [ta] OR
Equine Vet Educ [ta] OR
Equine Vet J [ta] OR
Equine Vet J Suppl [ta] OR
Eur J Wildl Res [ta] OR
Exp Anim [ta] OR
Exp Parasitol [ta] OR
Feline Pract [ta] OR
Fish Physiol Biochem [ta] OR
Fish Shellfish Immunol [ta] OR
Folia Vet Lat [ta] OR
Folia Vet [ta] OR
Food Sci Anim Resour [ta] OR 
Fortschr Zool [ta] OR
Front Vet Sci [ta] OR
Genet Sel Evol ta] OR
Hist Med Vet [ta] OR
ILAR J [ta] OR
ILAR News [ta] OR 
In Pract [ta] OR
In Vitro Cell Dev Biol Anim [ta] OR
Indian J Anim Sci [ta] OR
Indian Vet J [ta] OR
Int J Parasitol [ta] OR
Int J Study Anim Probl [ta] OR
Int J Vet Sci Med [ta] OR 
Int Wildl [ta] OR
Integr Comp Biol [ta] OR
Iowa State Univ Vet [ta] OR
Ir Vet J [ta] OR
Iran J Vet Res [ta] OR 
Isr J Zool [ta] OR
ISRN Vet Sci [ta] OR
J Adv Vet Anim Res [ta] OR 
J Am Anim Hosp Assoc [ta] OR
J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Am Vet Med Assoc [ta] OR
J Anim Breed Genet [ta] OR
J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr Berl [ta] OR
J Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Anim Sci Biotechnol[ta] OR
J Anim Sci Technol [ta] OR 
J Appl Anim Welf Sci [ta] OR
J Appl Poult Res[ta] OR
J Aquat Anim Health [ta] OR
J Avian Biol [ta] OR
J Avian Med Surg [ta] OR
J Comp Pathol [ta] OR
J Dairy Res [ta] OR
J Dairy Sci [ta] OR
J Equine Vet Sci [ta] OR
J Exp Anim Sci [ta] OR
J Exp Mar Biol Ecol [ta] OR
J Exp Psychol Anim Behav Process [ta] OR
J Exp Zool [ta] OR
J Exp Zool A Comp Exp Biol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool A Ecol Genet Physiol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool B Mol Dev Evol [ta] OR
J Exp Zool Suppl [ta] OR
J Feline Med Surg [ta] OR
J Fish Biol [ta] OR
J Fish Dis [ta] OR
J Helminthol [ta] OR
J Mammal [ta] OR 
J Med Entomol [ta] OR
J Med Primatol [ta] OR 
J Med Vet Mycol [ta] OR
J Parasitol [ta] OR
J Poult Sci [ta] OR
J S Afr Vet Assoc [ta] OR
J S Afr Vet Med Assoc [ta] OR
J Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
J Venom Anim Toxins Incl Trop Dis [ta] OR
J Vet Behav [ta] OR
J Vet Cardiol [ta] OR
J Vet Dent [ta] OR
J Vet Diagn Invest [ta] OR
J Vet Emerg Crit Care San Antonio [ta] OR
J Vet Intern Med [ta] OR
J Vet Med Educ [ta] OR
J Vet Med Sci [ta] OR
J Vet Med A Physiol Pathol Clin Med [ta] OR
J Vet Med B Infect Dis Vet Public Health [ta] OR
J Vet Pharmacol Ther [ta] OR
J Vet Sci [ta] OR
J Wildl Dis [ta] OR
J Zoo Wildl Med [ta] OR
J Zool [ta] OR
Jikken Dobutsu [ta] OR
Jpn J Vet Res [ta] OR
Korean J Food Sci Anim Resour [ta] OR
Lab Anim [ta] OR
Lab Anim Care [ta] OR
Lab Anim NY [ta] OR
Lab Anim Res[ta] OR 
Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR
Learn Behav [ta] OR
Mamm Genome [ta] OR
Mammalia [ta] OR
Mar Genomics [ta] OR
Med Mycol [ta] OR
Med Vet Entomol [ta] OR
Med Weter [ta] OR
Mod Vet Pract [ta] OR
Mol Mar Biol Biotechnol [ta] OR
Monatsh Veterinarmed [ta] OR
Mont Wildl [ta] OR
N Z Vet J [ta] OR
Natl Inst Anim Health Q Tokyo [ta] OR
Nord Vet Med [ta] OR
North Am Vet [ta] OR
Onderstepoort J Vet Res [ta] OR
Onderstepoort J Vet Sci Anim Ind [ta] OR
One Health [ta] OR
One Health Outlook [ta] OR
Open Vet J [ta] OR 
Parasit Vectors [ta] OR
Parasitol Int [ta] OR
Parasitol Res [ta] OR
Parasitology [ta] OR 
Pathol Vet [ta] OR
Physiol Biochem Zool [ta] OR
PLoS One [ta] OR
Pol Arch Weter [ta] OR
Pol J Vet Sci [ta] OR
Poult Sci [ta] OR
Prev Vet Med [ta] OR
Probl Vet Med [ta] OR
Proc Anim Care Panel [ta] OR
Proc Annu Meet U S Anim Health Assoc [ta] OR
Prog Vet Microbiol Immunol [ta] OR
Rec Med Vet Ec Alfort [ta] OR
Reprod Domest Anim [ta] OR
Res Vet Sci [ta] OR
Rev Bras Parasitol Vet [ta] OR
Rev Elev Med Vet Pays Trop [ta] OR
Rev Med Vet Toulouse [ta] OR
Rev Sci Tech [ta] OR
Rev Suisse Zool [ta] OR
S Afr J Anim Sci [ta] OR
Scand J Lab Anim Sci [ta] OR 
Schweiz Arch Tierheilkd [ta] OR
Semin Vet Med Surg Small Anim [ta] OR
Soc Anim [ta] OR
Syst Zool [ta] OR
Theriogenology [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Ausg G Grosstiere Nutztiere [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Ausg K Kleintiere Heimtiere [ta] OR
Tierarztl Prax Suppl [ta] OR
Tierarztl Umsch [ta] OR
Tijdschr Diergeneeskd [ta] OR
Top Companion Anim Med [ta] OR
Transbound Emerg Dis [ta] OR
Transl Anim Sci [ta] OR 
Trends Parasitol [ta] OR
Trop Anim Health Prod [ta] OR
Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis [ta] OR
Vet Anaesth Analg [ta] OR
Vet Anim Sci [ta] OR
Vet Bull [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Equine Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Exot Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Food Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Large Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract [ta] OR
Vet Clin Pathol [ta] OR
Vet Comp Oncol [ta] OR
Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol [ta] OR
Vet Dermatol [ta] OR
Vet Herit [ta] OR
Vet Hist [ta] OR 
Vet Historisch Genoot Cah [ta] OR
Vet Hum Toxicol [ta] OR
Vet Immunol Immunopathol [ta] OR
Vet Ital [ta] OR
Vet J [ta] OR
Vet Med [ta] OR
Vet Med Auckl [ta] OR
Vet Med Int[ta] OR
Vet Med Nauki [ta] OR
Vet Med Praha [ta] OR
Vet Med Rev [ta] OR
Vet Med Sci [ta] OR
Vet Med Small Anim Clin [ta] OR
Vet Microbiol [ta] OR
Vet Ophthalmol [ta] OR
Vet Parasitol [ta] OR
Vet Parasitol Reg Stud Reports[ta] OR 
Vet Parasitol X [ta] OR 
Vet Pathol [ta] OR
Vet Pathol Suppl [ta] OR
Vet Q [ta] OR
Vet Radiol Ultrasound [ta] OR
Vet Rec [ta] OR
Vet Rec Open [ta] OR 
Vet Res [ta] OR
Vet Res Forum [ta] OR
Vet Res Commun [ta] OR
Vet Sci [ta] OR 
Vet Surg [ta] OR
Vet Ther [ta] OR
Vet World [ta] OR 
Veterinaria [ta] OR
Veterinarian [ta] OR
Veterinariia [ta] OR
Veterinarstvi [ta] OR
Vic Vet Proc [ta] OR
Wien Tierarztl Monatsschr [ta] OR
Wildl Dis [ta] OR
Worlds Poult Sci J [ta] OR
Z Tierphysiol Tierernahr Futtermittelkd [ta] OR
Z Tierzuecht Zuechtungsbiol [ta] OR
Z Versuchstierkd [ta] OR
Z Wiss Zool [ta] OR
Zebrafish [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed A [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed B [ta] OR
Zentralbl Veterinarmed C [ta] OR
Zoo Biol [ta] OR
Zool Sci Contrib N Y Zool Soc [ta] OR
Zool Zhurnal [ta] OR
Zoolog Sci [ta] OR
Zoology Jena [ta] OR
Zoonoses Public Health [ta] OR
Zoonoses Res [ta] OR
Zootaxa [ta] OR
Zuchthygiene [ta])