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The Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a scientific video journal. JoVE publishes scientific research in a visual format. This aids in experimental reproducibility and learning new experimental techniques.

The Lamar Soutter Library provides full access to all content up to the present for the following JoVE titles:

Journal of visualized experiments. Bioengineering
Journal of visualized experiments. Biology
Journal of visualized experiments. Clinical and translational medicine
Journal of visualized experiments. Immunology & infection
Journal of visualized experiments. Neuroscience

All other titles have coverage from 2006 - 2 years ago.

Click HERE to see the list and gain access from our Online Resources, or search Journal of Visualized Experiments from all online resources.


Journal of Medical Insight (JoMI) is a surgical video journal  that serves as a virtual operating theatre. JoMI seeks to impact health care and education through filming and publishing surgical procedures performed by top teaching physicians.

Library Journals

Below are some journals that the Library provides electronic access to.
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