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Medical Student Resources

Resources for UMass Chan medical students.

Online Resources

General and/or Collections of Study Tools

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine

A comprehensive physical examination and clinical education site for medical students and other health care professionals. (University of California, San Diego; © The Regents of the University of California)

Clinical Cases and Images

A collection of videos covering different aspects of the physical exam. (University of Chicago; © Dimov)

Practice of Medicine I

Links to instructional modules and videos demonstrating physical exam techniques. (University of Virginia School of Medicine; © UVA)

NeuroLogic Exam: An Anatomical Approach

Video tutorials and descriptions focusing on mental status, cranial nerve, coordination, sensory, motor, and gait examinations. (University of Utah School of Medicine; © University of Utah)

Practical Clinical Skills

Simulation-based training modules include lessons on heart sounds, murmurs, lung sounds, carotid bruit, blood pressure assessment and EKGs.

P/D Videos

A collection of Physical Diagnosis videos from the Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University in Chicago.  (NOTE: Windows Media Player or Quicktime needed to play these videos.  Downloads of these plug-ins are available at the top of P/D Videos page. ALSO: It has been reported that the software download links on this page do not work any longer.  But the videos are still playable.  Click here to download Quicktime or here to download Windows Media Player)

Stanford Medicine 25

Twenty-Five key diagnosis modules, many with images, from the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Breath Sounds / Auscultation

The Auscultation Assistant

Heart sounds, heart murmurs and breath sounds to help medical students improve their physical diagnosis skills. (UCLA; © Christopher Cable, MD)

Pulmonary Breath Sounds

.wav files of tracheal, bronchial, vesicular, and bronchovesicular breath sounds; rales, crackles, pleural friction rub, death rattle, stridor, sibilant rhonchus or wheeze. (East Tennessee State University)

Blaufuss Sound Builder

Cardiac Exam: Heart sounds and ECG tutorials; App also available for download at Apple Store.

McGill Virtual Stethoscope

A tutorial on the physical exam with emphasis on auscultation. (McGill University School of Medicine)

Abdominal Exam

Abdomen Examination

Extensive resource of video, reading material, and practice questions related to abdominal examination. (University of Virginia School of Medicine; © UVA)

Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Diagnosis