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Research Impact

This guide includes information and resources on measuring the impact of scholarly works, such as citation-based and alternative metrics.

Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI)

Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI) is a database of altmetrics—digital indicators of attention—for research published by UMMS faculty authors. Altmetric indicators can include discussion on peer review platforms (IE: F1000), commentary on social media, citations in non-journal sources such as policy documents, and more. 

Using the Altmetric EFI, faculty can now document the impact of their research with broader measures that complement traditional, citation-based scholarly performance indicators. 

You can explore the Altmetric EFI as a guest, but you must create an account in order to save searches and create alerts and reports.  

Overview Data

The Altmetric EFI overview pages aggregate and analyze the altmetric attention data for whatever entity you have searched on (IE: an inividual paper or group of papers, an individual or group of individuals, or that institution as a whole).

Within the overview analysis, you can explore attention over time and break that down by attention types, demographics, or specific sources of attention such as twitter or Google+. 

Article Details

Article Details pages aggregate all of the sources of altmetric attention received for a paper, and contextualize them within the universe of data.

In addition, Article Details pages provide links to all of the news media and blog coverage, social media commentary, and other attention sources. By linking to the actual sources of attention themselves, authors can get a qualitative look at  how their research is being shared and discussed. 

Search in Altmetric EFI

Search Altmetric EFI for papers, people, groups or topics. The Altmetric EFI Advanced Search allows you to limit searches by type of output, date ranges, journal collections, and identifiers.  

Setting Alerts and Creating Reports

Save searches to create alerts and generate reports that can be shared.