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Summer Enrichment Program: Home

This guide should help you start your research on health disparities in Massachusetts.

The Health Disparities Project

Many studies have documented widespread racial and ethnic disparities in health status and many factors contribute to these disparities: inequalities in income and education, environmental and economic conditions, specific health behaviors and lifestyle patterns, access to healthcare, and even equality of service. Health disparities have also been observed in other segments of the population characterized by geographic location, age, gender, disability status, and sexual orientation,

Your project involves researching a cultural group affected by a health disparity in Massachusetts and preparing a powerpoint presentation on your research.


Using the Lamar Soutter Library

The library has resources to help you with both parts of your project:

  • Your library barcode lets you access electronic resources (like articles) on- and off-campus. You can borrow books or request things from other libraries (this is free for you, but can take a few days to arrive).
  • Many resources related to your project are under the two tabs near the top of the page, labeled "Finding Information" and "Creating a Presentation".
  • You'll find even more resources on the rest of the library website.
  • The librarians are here to help you too. Librarians are available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Just ask at the front desk.


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