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Summer Enrichment Program: Finding Information

This guide should help you start your research on health disparities in Massachusetts.

Mass Gov

Use Office Data Management and Outcomes Assessment  to find statistics about health topics in specific towns, cities, and counties.


The MA Department of Public Health also has a larger list of infectious disease topics, the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission has a Health Equity resource guide, and the Center for Disease Control has a list of health topics if you are looking for project topic ideas.

State Health Facts

Use State Health Facts or State Snap Shots to find statistics on health topics in Massachusetts and compare it to other states.

State Health Facts

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

The County Health Rankings and Roadmaps for Massachusetts provides a range of health factors data for each county in the state. 

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps for Massachusetts


PolicyMap is a data and mapping tool for accessing data about communities in Massachusetts and across the United States.

MedLine Plus

Use MedLinePlus to find easy-to-read information about specific health topics. You can find overviews of the condition, pictures, videos, and links to original scientific research.

Medline Plus


Use PubMed to find original scientific and medical research. To view full articles, press   on the article page.


Use ClinicalTrials to find details about clinical trials, including the purpose, guidelines, and results of studies, specifically from Massachusetts.


More Information and Statistics


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