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Psychiatry Resources: Faculty Publications

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Department of Psychiatry Publication and Presentations on UMMS Institutional Repository


Jane is a tool that is designed to help you choose a journal in which to publish based on the topic of your paper or to identify other authors who publish in the same field.  It is a free resource by the Biosemantics Group located in the Netherlands.

Faculty Publications - MEDLINE

This list represents faculty publications indexed in the MEDLINE database.  Each link will run a live search in PubMed indicating the most current publication data available for each faculty member.  Additional links point to faculty pages on the Department of Psychiatry website and/or the eScholarship Institutional Repository.  These addtional sites may include further publications not found in MEDLINE.

= Link to Department of Psychiatry Faculty Page

= Link to Lamar Soutter Library eScholarship Author Page