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Women's Health Outreach Guide: Epidemiology

The Women’s Health LibGuide aims to provide information resources that offer support and a collaborative forum to learn more about women’s health issues from expert sources.

UMMS Featured Epidemiology Faculty Researchers


Molly E. Waring, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases and Vulnerable Populations, Department of Quantitative Health Sciences 

Expertise: Epidemiology 

Dr. Molly E. Waring, Ph.D., is a chronic disease epidemiologist whose research focuses on obesity and weight changes, particularly weight changes surrounding pregnancy and links between weight and cardiometabolic health. Areas of interest: obesity, weight change, weight gain prevention, pregnancy, gestational weight gain, post-partum weight retention, social support, social networks, social media, behavioral informatics, cardiovascular epidemiology, methodology.


Susan E. Andrade, DSc

Research Associate Professor and Senior Research Associate at Meyers Primary Care Institute

Expertise: Pharmacoepidemiology, Health Services Research  

Susan E. Andrade, Sc.D. is a Senior Research Associate at the Meyers Primary Care Institute and a Research Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Andrade’s research interests include pharmacoepidemiology and health services research. A main focus of her research has been in the area of medication adherence and use of prescription drugs in special populations including pregnant women, children, and the elderly. As site investigator in the HMO Research Network and lead investigator for the HMO Research Network Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Epidemiology contract site, Dr. Andrade is involved in a number of multi-site studies evaluating prescription drug use among pregnant women and associated birth outcomes. Other research activities include studies evaluating adherence to medications used in the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, seizure disorders, and other chronic diseases. She has extensive expertise in the use of large automated health care databases for pharmacoepidemiologic research and in the study of adverse drug effects, drug adherence issues, and health services research.


Terry S. Field, MPH, DSc

Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Director at Meyers Primary Care Institute

Expertise: Epidemiology, Health Services Research

Terry Field, D.Sc. is an epidemiologist and health services researcher who serves as the Associate Director of the Meyers Primary Care Institute and an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Her research focuses on provision of care to disabled and elderly patients in the ambulatory and long-term care settings. She has participated as a principal investigator or co-investigator on a series of grants from NIA and AHRQ related to patient safety and health information technology. Her research interests also include provision of care to cancer patients with a special interest in survival deficits for patients at risk of receiving less than optimum care, including elderly patients and members of minority groups. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the NCI-funded HMO Research Network’s Cancer Research Network and co-leads the Scientific and Data Resources Core. In this role, Dr. Field participated in the process of constructing a virtual data warehouse that established data structures for converting the legacy data at 14 integrated healthcare delivery systems into parallel databases constructed identically and permitting easy merging of patient-level data on healthcare utilization. Dr. Field is responsible for the required full year intermediate epidemiology course in the Clinical and Population Health Research doctoral program. She has led a series of seminars on evidence based medicine for medical students, residents, and community physicians. She also mentors physicians on the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Medical School who are initiating health services research careers.