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Access Services: Lockers

Library Lockers

Library Lockers: The library has lockers available on the 2nd and 3rd floors for UMass Chan students to store educational materials. The lockers circulate for one semester at a time and are distributed by checking out a key at the Library Service Point desk at the start of each semester.

All SOM, GSN, and GSBS students are eligible for the lockers.

KeyMUSbreturned at the end of the loan period. Please be considerate of youpeers and returyour key on time!

  • You are responsible for keeping your locker clean and free of trash.

At the end of the semester anything left in the lockers will be collected and thrown away.  The Library assumes no responsibility for items that ardamaged or stolen from the lockers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I lose my locker key?

A. The kereplacemenfee is $10.

Q. May I turn in my locker key before the end of the semester?

A. Yes, just bring it tthLibrarService Point Desk and inform a staff member.

Q. May I extend thuse of a particular locker past the end of the semester?

A. Noalkeys must be returneathe enothe semesterHowevernext semester you maparticipate in the prograagain.

Q. What if I want to switch lockers with another student or share a locker with another student?

A.  Yomay switclockers if botpartiecomtthe Library Service Point in persowittheir UMass Chan IDs. However, due to COVID-19, you cannot share lockers.  Also, there is only one key per locker.

Q. Will anyone else have access to my assigned locker?

A. No othepatrowill have access to youlocked materials stored in your locker.

Circulating Keys

  • 136 lockers, located on the 2nd (52 lockers) and 3rd (84 lockers) floors, will be available for check out at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester.

  • Keywill bdue at the end of each semester, June 30th in the Spring, and December 30th in the Fall.
  • You can return the key at any time.

How to Check Out a Locker:

  • Come to the LIBRARY SERVICE POINT with your UMass Chan ID to check out a key for the semester.

Please dnolock Librarmaterials iyour locker unless theare checkeout to you.

NOTE: If a locker key is significantly overdue, Library staff will remove all items from the locker and charge you to replace the key.



Vivian Okyere
​Manager, Library Operations
(508) 856-2080