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DRIVE: Expanded Curriculum Appraisal Tool & Resources

DRIVE is an initiative to create a representative and bias-free curriculum across all domains of research and clinical education. This DRIVE Resource Guide includes the fully revised, updated and expanded curriculum appraisal tool and additional resources

Population and Patient Resources

  • Policy Map - Data and mapping tool for accessing data about communities across the U.S. to make better-informed decisions
Curriculum Resources
  • Northwestern Social Determinants of Health Curriculum - Northwestern University has created an educational collection of materials addressing topics related to health equity and social determinants of health for nursing, medical, and allied health students as well as general health care audiences.
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Journal Articles & Reports

Carter, Y. (2019). Trouble with Terminology: Confounding of The Terms “Sex” And “Gender” In the Anatomical Literature. The FASEB Journal, 33(S1), 438.433-438.433. DOI: fasebj.2019.33.1_supplement.438.3

Cummings, L. (2022). In their own words: Black Californians on racism and healthcare. California Healthcare Foundation.

Hayes-Bautista, D. (2018). Black and white: are racial categories too narrow? AAMC News and Insights online.

Tsai, J., Ucik, L., Baldwin, N., Hasslinger, C., & George, P. (2016). Race Matters? Examining and Rethinking Race Portrayal in Preclinical Medical Education. Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges91(7), 916–920.

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