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DRIVE: Expanded Curriculum Appraisal Tool & Resources

DRIVE is an initiative to create a representative and bias-free curriculum across all domains of research and clinical education. This DRIVE Resource Guide includes the fully revised, updated and expanded curriculum appraisal tool and additional resources

Q2.1: People-Centered Language

Ask Yourself: Do I use people-first language and terminology when appropriate in my written materials and discussions, and remain open to change based on expressed preferences?  

Probing Question: Am I considering the impact of terms used in my workspaces or daily practice?

Example: Person with diabetes rather than diabetic, person experiencing homelessness

Q2.2: Inclusive Language and Terminology

Ask Yourself: Do I use appropriate and inclusive language and terminology?  

Probing Questions: Do the words I use carry assumptions that may not apply?  Am I asking patients how they prefer to be addressed and modeling the sharing of pronouns as a welcome practice?

Examples: Partner instead of husband/wife; living with diabetes instead of suffering from; volunteers instead of human subjects

Stoplight Terminology Guide



Visit the DRIVEStoplight Terminology Guide and Glossary a living resource for improving our language to promote accurate, representative, and inclusive teaching materials and educational environments

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Section 2 Resources

Top Resources

Section 2 Best Practice

DRIVE Best Practice: Words matter, terminology changes -- Look for updates in your field before presenting, welcome learner input and respond respectfully to feedback.