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Researcher Tools, Services and Support

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources and information to the UMass Medical School community about the Library's research and scholarly communication services.

Contact Us

Sally Gore, MS, MSLIS
Manager, Research & Scholarly Communications Services

Lisa Palmer, MSLS, AHIP
Institutional Repository Librarian

Tess Grynoch, MLIS
Research Data & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Leah Honor, MLIS
Research Data & Scholarly Communications Librarian

Research and Scholarly Communication Services

  • NIH Public Access Policy – The library provides troubleshooting and training on understanding compliance, using the NIHMS system, PubMed’s My NCBI/My Bibliography, SciENcv, and more.
  • Copyright, Author Rights, Fair Use -- We provide information resources and consultation.
  • Digital Collections eScholarship@UMassChan is the freely available digital archive and publishing system offering worldwide access to the research and scholarly work of the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School community.
  • Research Impact -- Discover traditional and emerging tools to measure your scholarly impact; we can help. 
  • Open Access -- We provide resources and information to the UMass Chan Medical School community about open access and new models of scholarly publishing.
  • Research Data Management Services – We can answer questions about data management best practices, funder mandates, and data sharing, and can direct you to local resources for research data management.  eScholarship@UMassChan is a solution for housing data sets that need to be made publicly available.

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Research and Scholarly Communication Tools

101 Tools

Excerpted from Jeroen Bosman and Bianca Kramer 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication poster (c) 2015. Used under CC-BY-SA license.

What is Scholarly Communication?

Communicating research results is an essential part of science.  Core scholarly communication service areas encompass publication and dissemination of scholarship, the NIH Public Access Policy, copyright and author rights, open access, digital research collections, research data management, and research impact measures.

Career & Professional Development

GSBS is expanding programs and resources in the area of career & professional development. Visit the GSBS website for more information on the services offered. Additionally, check-out the Professional Development Special Collection in the Library, a set of valuable resources selected by the Center for Biomedical Career Development.