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Book Displays: 12.22 HIV and AIDS


The AIDS generation : stories of survival and resilience by Perry N Halkitis

ISBN: 9780199352470

Publication Date: 2014

The AIDS Generation' documents the lived experiences of HIV-positive gay men who are presently middle aged, long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. Through the use of ethnography and life history interviews, the book delineates the resiliencies that these fifteen long-term survivors have demonstrated in coping with a life-threatening disease throughout the course of their adult lives.

The Gay Science : Intimate Experiments with the Problem of HIV by Kane Race

ISBN: 9781315544328

Publication Date: 2017

Since the onset of the HIV epidemic, the behaviour of men who have sex with men has been subject to intense scrutiny on the part of the behavioural and sociomedical sciences. What happens when we consider the work of these sciences to be not merely descriptive, but also constitutive of the realities it describes? The Gay Science pays attention to lived experiences of sex, drugs and the scientific practices that make these experiences intelligible. Through a series of empirically and historically detailed case studies, the book examines how new technologies and scientific artifacts - such as antiretroviral therapy, digital hookup apps and research methods - mediate sexual encounters and shape the worlds and self-practices of men who have sex with men.?Rather than debunking scientific practices or minimizing their significance, The Gay Science approaches these practices as ways in which we 'learn to be affected' by HIV. It explores what knowledge practices best engage us, move us and increase our powers and capacities for action. The book includes an historical analysis of drug use as a significant element in the formation of urban gay cultures; constructivist accounts of the emergence of barebacking and chemsex; a performative response to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and its uptake; and, a speculative analysis of ways of thinking and doing sexual community in the digital context.?Combining insights from queer theory, process philosophy and science and technology studies to develop an original approach to the analysis of sexuality, drug use, public health and digital practices, this book demonstrates the ontological consequences of different modes of attending to risk and pleasure. It is suitable for those interested in cultural studies, sociology, gender and sexuality studies, digital culture, public health and drug and alcohol studies.

Print Books

As real as it gets : the life of a hospital at the center of the AIDS epidemic by Carol Pogash

Call number: Humanities in Medicine WC 503 P746a 1992

ISBN: 9780452271272

Publication Date: 1992

San Francisco General Hospital has been the epicenter of the AIDS crisis from the start, and is for author Carol Pogash the perfect microcosm for reporting one of the great stories of this generation. With a novelist's eye she follows a memorable cast of characters, illuminating every political, social, or human dilemma in this tragedy.


Peer-Reviewed Journals

AIDS : official journal of the International Aids Society

​​The latest ground-breaking research and notable observations in HIV and AIDS are presented in AIDS​. The Journal publishes high-quality papers reporting original scientific, clinical, epidemiological, and social research. We especially welcome contributions on basic science, community-based research, implementation studies, and clinical trials that contribute to the overall knowledge of the field.


AIDS Care is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes HIV/AIDS research into the prevention of infection and psychosocial aspects of care and treatment.

AIDS Research and Therapy

AIDS Research and Therapy publishes articles on basic, translational, clinical, social, epidemiological, behavioral and educational sciences, focused on the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, and the search for the cure. The Journal publishes studies on novel and developing treatment strategies for AIDS, as well as on the outcomes of established treatment strategies. Original research articles on animal models that form an essential part of the AIDS treatment research are also considered.

Current HIV/AIDS reports

Current HIV/AIDS Reports provides in-depth review articles contributed by international experts on the most significant developments in the field. By presenting clear, insightful, balanced reviews that emphasize recently published papers of major importance, the journal elucidates current and emerging approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of conditions associated with HIV/AIDS.

Journal of the International AIDS Society

The Journal of the International AIDS Society (JIAS) is a peer-reviewed and Open Access journal for the generation and dissemination of evidence from a wide range of disciplines: basic and biomedical sciences; behavioural sciences; epidemiology; clinical sciences; health economics and health policy; operations research and implementation sciences; and social sciences and humanities. Submission of HIV research carried out in low- and middle-income countries is strongly encouraged.

Online Resources

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day takes place on 1 December each year. It’s an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness. Founded in 1988, World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention Resource Library

CDC offers many resources to help you learn about HIV. CDC fact sheets discuss how HIV affects specific subpopulations and provide information about topics such as risk behaviors and prevention tools. Reports and slides share the latest data and research. Downloadable infographics and awareness day materials can help you better understand HIV’s impact and share that knowledge with others. Letters to colleagues inform partners about new developments in HIV prevention and awareness day activities.

Presents a comprehensive array of programs, resources, and tools from various U.S. Federal agencies that address HIV/AIDS policies domestically and internationally. Targeted audiences include patients (including the newly-diagnosed), patients' family members, healthcare providers, and consumers. Offers a primer entitled "HIV/AIDS 101" and a service locator that enables local identification of HIV testing sites and care services.

HIV Info from the National Institute of Health offers access to the latest, federally approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines, HIV treatment and prevention clinical trials, and other research information for health care providers, researchers, people affected by HIV/AIDS, and the general public.